Who We Are

NutriMarket Business provides innovative marketing solutions and expert business development for companies in the nutraceutical, bioactive, functional food, cosmeceutical, and ingredient supply segments. We have a proven track record of creating profitable partnering relationships and generating value‐added, actionable business intelligence. We combine deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help our clients succeed and drive business growth and value creation.

Over the years, we have worked with clients from North America, Japan, India, Denmark, Norway, Africa and other countries, helping them achieve success in the complex U.S. market. We excel in launching new companies and products, participating as collaborative partners with our clients’ management teams to develop strategies and tactics for successful solutions. We focus on clients long term goals while providing immediate sound business planning. Our goal is to create and execute on new opportunities for clients by providing deep knowledge and targeted business development services.

We seamlessly combine science, regulatory, marketing, and commercial skills to provide business and science solutions to companies. We develop new ventures and new paths to market with global firms, and also work with select high potential, early to mid-stage technology companies to further develop the scientific platforms and provide a turnkey range of services for a successful market launch.

NutriMarket Business brings you a stellar team specializing in the nutraceutical industry, and we partner with regulatory experts, technical consultants, brand communication strategists and industry professionals. Working collaboratively, we concept the solutions for your business goals and provide the expertise you need to carry out the plan.