At NutriMarket our core competency is on commercializing nutrition innovation and nutraceutical ingredients. We help our clients leverage new insights, business models, and science and technology solutions to deliver profitable commercial results. Overall, we provide an integrated roadmap for market growth and value creation and can help accelerate your time‐to‐market while avoiding costly missteps.

Our unique combination of science and industry expertise, consumer understandings, and commercial experience provide a key foundation for providing recommendations to ensure a clear path to market and implementing a product commercialization plan. This approach has allowed the acceleration of many of our client’s forward progress and commercial success.

NutriMarket conducts an analysis of the scientific, clinical, regulatory, IP and other technical data points and provides an objective perspective on the scientific credibility and substantiated efficacy of your ingredient technology or product as it applies to the nutraceutical, functional food and health & wellness market landscape. We detail your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities based on differentiators, and provide a GAP analysis for existing roadblocks and red flags that can impede your forward progress.


We are well experienced helping early stage companies with disruptive technologies and innovative products develop opportunities into commercial successes. It starts with the preparation of an Strategic Landscaping Plan that provides a high level overview and is key to the business scale-up process. Included will be overall market and commercialization strategies/options to achieve success in the market through best fit channel partners. NutriMarket‘s goal is to develop a strategic plan that will allow you to develop a clear-cut platform to generate profitable growth.

We address all of the essential path requirements that will drive you to a successful launch. Our strategic development of a Go-To-Market plan includes the initial commercial assessment for your product or technology. We then analyze all of internal and external factors. We build, plan, and collaborate to advance your science and supporting data, and recommend the business positioning and partner strategies. NutriMarket can drive, execute or assist in your product development, manufacturing, marketing, regulatory and other key “pain point” issues.

We develop strategies for “white space” product positioning and recommend the most advantageous channels to market along with identifying potential partner targets. We bring a unique combination of skills to every client and our analysis, knowledge and tools provide crucial insight. We identify the best commercial paths, working in partnership with clients to achieve winning commercial outcomes.

Our objective is to prepare you for full‐scale commercialization and business scale‐up in the market and we are skilled at driving commercialization with swift access to market in a financially sound manner.