We show you the way to reduce your North America market entry risk…..

We help international companies enter and navigate the U.S. market, positioning your brand, company, and ingredients strategically and successfully.

We develop winning launch strategies for ingredient and technology companies looking to enter or expand their footprint in the North American market. Knowing the key steps to bring new products to market can lead to a significant reduction in time to market and avoid costly mis-steps. NutriMarket helps international companies enter and navigate the North American market first in USA and then Canada. We work with you to position your company, ingredients and brand strategically and successfully. Utilizing a mix of sound marketing, beneficial business alliances, and solid business development, we prepare your international company on all the nuances of this complex channel. Whether we are analyzing your existing products for U.S. introduction, executing market research for a product launch, facilitating negotiations, or driving deal-making, NutriMarket helps you develop a unique identity that gets you noticed while supporting your company’s values.


NutriMarket is accomplished at all aspects of a North America, ( NA) launch and will formulate and execute the right market development and commercialization plans based on your goals and needs, partner strategy or business growth strategy for your company. Our business intelligence provides clients with key competitive advantages, empowering them to execute profitable and long-term business alliances.

We can represent your company in North America in marketing, business development and operational support including launching and propelling sales forward with a fully executed approach. We develop a strategic plan in close cooperation with our clients, providing a multiphase approach in your North America go to market launch based on realistic assumptions, specific milestones and desired goals and achievements. Depending on your company needs we also assist international companies with marketing review and plans, infrastructure, manufacturing footprints – “in country”, logistics development and direct sales to grow your business.

We have worked with early stage, market leaders and multinational corporations in the Americas, Europe, Denmark, Africa, India and Japan to generate qualified commercial opportunities and enhance their market positions and scale up their business in country.

We act as a member of your team and help our international partners to avoid costly mistakes from the beginning. Our professional expertise and knowledge share provides an understanding of the go to market process and is a crucial foundation step so time, money, and resources are maximized.

Our insight and analysis can be an important component to a successful international business model strategy through the delivery of our knowledge and tools. Our expertise in business intelligence and partner development provides companies with key competitive advantages, empowering them to execute successful business alliances. As a result, you are able to leverage in country expertise to expand your products and market reach, without the need for a large build out of infrastructure.

Finding the right partner that is qualified and the right fit is essential for the success of your business. We help ingredient companies and finished goods brands achieve success in a complex and competitive environment. Based on practical assumptions, and your desired goals we develop the optimal market entry strategy and then go about helping our clients to clearly execute it. NutriMarketing Group offers an affordable, management solution and we customize our approach to the specific needs of our clients as well as provide turn key support. We have the knowledge, expertise, and relationships in the North American market to bring your products to market quickly and profitably.


At NutriMarket we define, expand and execute the regulatory support for your product, with an understanding of the increasing demanding and changing regulatory landscape common in this market. We support clients and help them to safely navigate U.S. food, and dietary supplement regulations.