At NutriMarket we specialize in the sales and marketing of functional ingredients and science based nutraceutical products. We combine best practices and broad sector experience to ensure business growth for our clients and we work with you to determine the market potential of your project, ingredient, or technology. We review parameters such as science, intellectual property, market acceptance, and more. We determine and develop your product/ingredient’s strengths and weaknesses and how it should be promoted and positioned relative to key competitors. We also recommend value-added strategies to ensure profitability and marketability in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

For unique ingredients and bioactives, we identify and position your science along with developing product concepts and leveraging the latest trends to promote toward potential buyers. NutriMarket assists clients with sorting through existing new product pipelines, “white spaces” in the market while identifying and validating new growth areas. We quickly identify new opportunities for our clients and capitalize on them giving them a competitive advantage.


The foundation of effective marketing is sound, comprehensive market research. We concept awareness, sales, and distribution of your ingredients by first taking inventory of all internal and external factors. We analyze and review competition, product, pricing, and distribution. Next, we recommend product and channel strategy, positioning, differentiation, and branding to your specific target markets and customer groups. As your marketing partner, we prepare marketing plans, budgets, audits, research, due diligence and market assessment. The result is a winning marketing strategy customized to your unique opportunities and objectives and most important, we can carry out the tactical execution so you can achieve your goals.

All aspects of each work assignment are customized based on the prerequisites of the client and it can include any of the following:

Applications and Products

Growth and Trends

Market Segments

Benchmarking, SWOT, GAP Analysis

Competitors and Company Profiles

Product and Channel Strategy

Identify New Growth Areas-Disruptive, Emerging

White Space, Blue Ocean, Blue Sky opportunities

Market Expansion, Market Defense

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Mode of Entry and Barriers to Entry

Distribution and Marketing

Supply Chain / Manufacturing Considerations

Market Access and Development ( Europe, US, Asia, ASEAN, and LATAM)


NutriMarket develops science focused marketing communications for your project. We concept and execute copy for web sites and all marketing collateral. Based on your business objectives and strategies, we develop your marketing communications budget and plan. Our accomplished brand communication specialists can lead all creative, production and media services to develop your corporate brand and products and carry through production in all aspects to completion.


At NutriMarket Group our mission is to provide actionable business intelligence and expert execution. We work with companies to capitalize on market opportunities, respond to competitive challenges, build brands, expand distribution, and deliver marketing programs that drive business growth and value creation.

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