Open Innovation

NutriMarket Business has an comprehensive background and track record of success in helping clients with identifying areas for innovation opportunities in the nutraceutical, functional food and dietary supplement industries. We identify and execute innovation initiatives with ingredient suppliers, CPG and supplement companies. The NutriMarket experience includes technology and market landscaping, bioactive, botanical and nutraceutical portfolio reviews as well as new product opportunities and strategy.

Our Innovation Corporate Expansion and Landscaping sessions commonly include White Space identification, Blue Sky / Blue Ocean opportunities, and novel technology opportunity assessment. We have a focus on the growing convergence among Functional Foods and supplements, and the Pharma-Nutra intersection as well as the trends in the Health & Wellness industries overall. We dig deep as to the opportunity this represents to your company’s innovation and products.

We leverage our broad range of ingredient knowledge and deep industry expertise to help foster Open Innovation initiatives with company leaders and their cross functional teams. Our work supports the knowledge share across the C-Suite, Innovation, Product Development, Market Research, and Business Development teams to facilitate the vision and strategy across business functions, and optimize the “ahead of the curve” innovation initiatives to determine the best strategic fit with your internal goals.