At NutriMarket Business, our core focus is to bring new health & wellness ingredients and products to the market. From generating new concepts to defining and implementing strategies, we provide a fully-integrated approach for science-based nutraceuticals, products and new technologies.

We have both a science and business background and our core competency is on commercializing nutrition innovation and nutraceutical ingredients/products. Our deep expertise and significant range of knowledge tools enable us to deliver sustainable and lasting business solutions to clients. We excel at identifying and positioning your science along with developing product concepts and leveraging the latest trends to promote toward potential markets. Additionally, we assist clients with building and sorting through existing new product pipelines, and “white spaces” in the market while identifying and validating new growth areas.

Our services provide comprehensive answers for many of your complex business needs. We understand the nutraceutical market and execute strategies to drive sustainable success and business growth.

NutriMarket Business offers a wide variety of expert services for the industry. We offer expertise from strategy to tactical execution and hold a deep and wide understanding of the marketplace, value chain and all necessary components to increase benefits. Overall we help you reduce the risk, time and resources required to achieve your desired outcomes.



Business Development



Product Development

Business Advisory

Open Innovation


Science and Technical Positioning

We help you build your science support and we know how to go from science to claim and from claim to successful brand marketing. It’s a combination of scientific research, business acumen, regulatory expertise and marketing savvy. Sustainable science takes considerable time, effort, and commitment to develop into something of real value and is an essential goal when bringing a product to market. In an extremely competitive global market, a product needs to be able to withstand the scrutiny that often accompanies the nutrition industry.

We clearly concept and define the process of bringing to market your science-based ingredient. Our process entails a combination of scientific depth, regulatory and clinical expertise, consumer understanding and commercial experience – all important components of delivering distinguished, actionable products for long-term sustainable growth and ultimately marketplace success.


We are accomplished in the following markets; functional ingredients, bioactives, dietary supplements, medical foods, functional foods & beverages, cosmeceuticals, nutricosmetics, new delivery platforms, and new technologies.